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Kids and shopping!!!

5 May

Did your kids crying and screaming  wanted the toys that they saw when you bring them for shopping??? It’s depend on how you brought them up.  I know you love your kids very much but don’t spoil them by giving everything they wanted.

Just make a simple rules such as if they want something they must behave good or have a good result in the exam.  When shopping the only thing they can choose by them self is food and book.  And the most important think is start with the oldest and automatically the brother or sister will follow.

It’s work with my kids. When we passed by the toy section in the shopping mall they will ask me if they can have it.  If I say NO and they will say ok and just go without arguing.


Airul with his shopping trolley basket chossing his own favourite foods.  Of course healthy foods.


This is what he have in his basket. Xo..xo..xo