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The twenty-sixth week of pregnancy

24 Jul

Detailed child info:
Weight: 1.7–2.0 Ibs
Length: approx. 13 in
At this stage: The child learns grasping reflex on the umbilical cord. It very often sucks his fingers.

Beginning of the third trimester! It is an important period for the child as well. His lungs are beginning to produce a substance that prevents air sacs collapse, even if there is no air in them. This is surfactant. Thanks to it the baby can practice the breathing reflex. He inhales and exhales amniotic fluid and the air sacs do not collapse. This way he will be ready to take his first breath of real air just after birth. The good news is that now we can produce artificial surfactant and therefore the chances of survival for children born before the 26th week are much greater. You may experience first contractions (Braxton Hicks contractions). Relax, you have plenty of time!

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Chicken Pox Attack

27 Jun


This week gonna be busy week for me.  Both Arissa and Airul is having a chicken pox with high fever.   Need to change my daily routine for a while from office work to nurse.  Make sure their medicine taken on time, entertained their moody mood plus lost appetite too.  Hu..hu..hu.. its sound like tough job for me as expecting mother
haaa!!!… Yes it is very tough indeed!!! I’m 21 weeks pregnancy need to take care of my kids and myself too.  Wish me luck and wish Arissa and Airul get better soon.

The eighteenth week of pregnancy

30 May

Detailed child info:
Weight: 6.3–7.0 oz
Length: approx. 7.1 in
At this stage: The intestines begin to accumulate the products of metabolism, that is, the first pooh.

To understand the rate of fetal development, we must realize that since the end of the third month of pregnancy, the child doubled in size and his weight is four times bigger. When straightened out he is about 20 cm long. Brain is developing at a dizzying pace. New neural connections are formed all the time and they are like railways connecting the central station (i.e. brain) with the peripheral stations (i.e. the most remote body regions). Thousands of neurons form millions of connections. In two weeks you can mark off the halfway point.

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Hi there… Its been long time since my last post.. Yes!! I’ m expecting my 4th baby.  After 7 year I got pregnant again. I’ve to open book again. Need more info about pregnacy. Wish me luck.☺☺☺