The eighteenth week of pregnancy

30 May

Detailed child info:
Weight: 6.3–7.0 oz
Length: approx. 7.1 in
At this stage: The intestines begin to accumulate the products of metabolism, that is, the first pooh.

To understand the rate of fetal development, we must realize that since the end of the third month of pregnancy, the child doubled in size and his weight is four times bigger. When straightened out he is about 20 cm long. Brain is developing at a dizzying pace. New neural connections are formed all the time and they are like railways connecting the central station (i.e. brain) with the peripheral stations (i.e. the most remote body regions). Thousands of neurons form millions of connections. In two weeks you can mark off the halfway point.

Your notes

Hi there… Its been long time since my last post.. Yes!! I’ m expecting my 4th baby.  After 7 year I got pregnant again. I’ve to open book again. Need more info about pregnacy. Wish me luck.☺☺☺


Pesan Tun Hasmah..

16 May

Its my dream to meet both Tun’s. Lucky you Dr Halina. ☺


I was so lucky last night.. accompanied my husband to attend a dinner celebrating teachers in PWTC. (It’s Teachers Day today, peeps!!) And guess who was the guess of honour?? *wink*
Our beloved Tun Siti Hasmah!!
She was at the table in front of ours.. and I was already fidgety when I saw her.. then my husband asked me the most awaited question…
“You nak ambik selfie dgn Tun tak?”
Hehehe… “Yes, yes, yessss!!”
So, he introduced me to Tun Hasmah.. and I smiled like “kepah”. Hahaha..
We had a quick chat.. Tun Hasmah pesan..
“Jaga anak-anak, don’t miss the chance of seeing them grow. They grow up very fast”
Haaa… Ingat tu mommies. Tun Hasmah pesan macam tuh…
Owh, one more thing.. 
How can I miss this?
*pls ignore the guy who photobombed our selfie, ish!!*

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Happy Ramadhan and Selamat Berpuasa

12 Jul

Salam All…. Its quite sometime I’m not post anything here.  I would like to wish to all of muslim out there Happy Fasting in this blessful month of Ramadhan.


I got mother’s day present!!!

9 May

Last night, I went up to my room to take something in my handbag.  You know what!!! It’s mothers day card and a pen as a present for me from my son Aiman.

Me : Aiman, is this present for mother’s day? Why so early

Aiman : Yupp… Because I wanna be the 1st one in the world give the present for mother’s day and the most importing thing because I love so muchhhhh.

Me : Thank you Aiman.  I love you too.

Aiman : Mama you put the card at your office so everybody can see it.


Kids and shopping!!!

5 May

Did your kids crying and screaming  wanted the toys that they saw when you bring them for shopping??? It’s depend on how you brought them up.  I know you love your kids very much but don’t spoil them by giving everything they wanted.

Just make a simple rules such as if they want something they must behave good or have a good result in the exam.  When shopping the only thing they can choose by them self is food and book.  And the most important think is start with the oldest and automatically the brother or sister will follow.

It’s work with my kids. When we passed by the toy section in the shopping mall they will ask me if they can have it.  If I say NO and they will say ok and just go without arguing.


Airul with his shopping trolley basket chossing his own favourite foods.  Of course healthy foods.


This is what he have in his basket. Xo..xo..xo

Kids and jelly….

14 Apr

My kids love jelly so much.  Instead of buying, I rather make it by my self so I can control the sugar by my self.  Too much sugar is not nice for your kids teeth.

It’s easy and simple menu.  Just need 1 packet of dried jelly.


Add 6 cups of water and boil together with dried jelly.  Let them boil until the jelly completely disolve.  Then pun 2 1/2 cups of sugar.  And lastly put some colour.  Red always look tempting haaa.


My favourite brand ‘star brand’.


Put the jelly in the container and let it cool down he..he..he… Here is the jelly… My kids will finish it at no time…..

Arissa repaint our house by herself

7 Apr

Arissa painting our house by herself….!GdVBbab

Actually we’re in process re paint our house (my hubby ideas). Since its always raining at day time so the process of painting took a lot of time to complete it. My daughter Arissa is very good in observing and copying. So this is the result when she get involve. Luckily I’m there.… Good job Arissa..

P/s: Arissa is special kid (oku). She’s has been diagnoses with Global Development Delay with speech problem