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Happy Idul Adha 2016

11 Sep

Wish all Muslim around the world Happy Idul Adha 2016.

May Allah grant us a happiness till the end of the world.


Arissa got her ears pierced

31 Jul


Finally, Arissa got her ears pierced ( She so cool not even cry at all.  Mama so proud with you.  Xo..xo..xo.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

30 Jul

Wish you all muslim out there Happy Eid Mubarak from us.  May Allah grant us peacefull and happiness after all tragedy happened or still happening  around us. Amin


Al Fatihah for MH17 (17/07/2014)

20 Jul


It very sad to hear what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.  Three of my friends was in that flight.  We use to flew together.  My dearest friends Allahyarhamah Mastura, Hamfazlin, Azrina and all crew operating MH17, I will always pray for all of you. Eventhough I’m not flying anymore the spirit is still there.  I know how though and fun our job are.  Will miss you so much and pray may Allah put your spirt and soul in Jannah. Insya Allah.


Chicken Pox Attack

27 Jun


This week gonna be busy week for me.  Both Arissa and Airul is having a chicken pox with high fever.   Need to change my daily routine for a while from office work to nurse.  Make sure their medicine taken on time, entertained their moody mood plus lost appetite too. its sound like tough job for me as expecting mother
haaa!!!… Yes it is very tough indeed!!! I’m 21 weeks pregnancy need to take care of my kids and myself too.  Wish me luck and wish Arissa and Airul get better soon.

Pesan Tun Hasmah..

16 May

Its my dream to meet both Tun’s. Lucky you Dr Halina. ☺


I was so lucky last night.. accompanied my husband to attend a dinner celebrating teachers in PWTC. (It’s Teachers Day today, peeps!!) And guess who was the guess of honour?? *wink*
Our beloved Tun Siti Hasmah!!
She was at the table in front of ours.. and I was already fidgety when I saw her.. then my husband asked me the most awaited question…
“You nak ambik selfie dgn Tun tak?”
Hehehe… “Yes, yes, yessss!!”
So, he introduced me to Tun Hasmah.. and I smiled like “kepah”. Hahaha..
We had a quick chat.. Tun Hasmah pesan..
“Jaga anak-anak, don’t miss the chance of seeing them grow. They grow up very fast”
Haaa… Ingat tu mommies. Tun Hasmah pesan macam tuh…
Owh, one more thing.. 
How can I miss this?
*pls ignore the guy who photobombed our selfie, ish!!*

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I got mother’s day present!!!

9 May

Last night, I went up to my room to take something in my handbag.  You know what!!! It’s mothers day card and a pen as a present for me from my son Aiman.

Me : Aiman, is this present for mother’s day? Why so early

Aiman : Yupp… Because I wanna be the 1st one in the world give the present for mother’s day and the most importing thing because I love so muchhhhh.

Me : Thank you Aiman.  I love you too.

Aiman : Mama you put the card at your office so everybody can see it.