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Coping with lack of sleep

12 Apr

Hello to mommies out there something to share with you.

When sleep deprivation is a way of life, it can be hard to function during the day. If you’re going back to work, colleagues without children may have little idea of what you’re up against. You need a three-pronged approach:

More sleep for your baby
– At this age, many babies are able to sleep through the night. If yours can’t, look into sleep-training methods. Browse these baby sleep articles for ideas.

More sleep for you
– Take a short nap during your break time at work if you can.
– Simplify and/or delegate some daily chores so you can get a break.
– Wind down nicely before bed and let your partner put your baby down for the evening.
– Establish a consistent sleep-wake cycle. Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same times every day.

Make sure you get good-quality sleep
– Make your bedroom sleep-friendly. Keep work and chores off the bed and preferably out of the room. Make sure your mattress is comfortable. Adjust the light, temperature, and noise in your bedroom to your liking. Put a throw over the TV and turn off the radio.
– Relax before bedtime. Ways to unwind include drinking warm milk, practising yoga, stretching, progressive muscle relaxation (where you squeeze and release muscles, starting at your toes), deep breathing and massage.
– Take care of yourself in other ways. Eat nutritious meals and light snacks, avoid caffeine (at least after noon), and exercise regularly. Try to get the most difficult or tiring work done early in the day, and wind down as the day goes on.
– Read other parents’ tips on coping with tiredness.

– Talk to your doctor if you really can’t sleep.

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The eighteenth week of pregnancy

30 May

Detailed child info:
Weight: 6.3–7.0 oz
Length: approx. 7.1 in
At this stage: The intestines begin to accumulate the products of metabolism, that is, the first pooh.

To understand the rate of fetal development, we must realize that since the end of the third month of pregnancy, the child doubled in size and his weight is four times bigger. When straightened out he is about 20 cm long. Brain is developing at a dizzying pace. New neural connections are formed all the time and they are like railways connecting the central station (i.e. brain) with the peripheral stations (i.e. the most remote body regions). Thousands of neurons form millions of connections. In two weeks you can mark off the halfway point.

Your notes

Hi there… Its been long time since my last post.. Yes!! I’ m expecting my 4th baby.  After 7 year I got pregnant again. I’ve to open book again. Need more info about pregnacy. Wish me luck.☺☺☺

Kids and shopping!!!

5 May

Did your kids crying and screaming  wanted the toys that they saw when you bring them for shopping??? It’s depend on how you brought them up.  I know you love your kids very much but don’t spoil them by giving everything they wanted.

Just make a simple rules such as if they want something they must behave good or have a good result in the exam.  When shopping the only thing they can choose by them self is food and book.  And the most important think is start with the oldest and automatically the brother or sister will follow.

It’s work with my kids. When we passed by the toy section in the shopping mall they will ask me if they can have it.  If I say NO and they will say ok and just go without arguing.


Airul with his shopping trolley basket chossing his own favourite foods.  Of course healthy foods.


This is what he have in his basket. Xo..xo..xo