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The eighteenth week of pregnancy

30 May

Detailed child info:
Weight: 6.3–7.0 oz
Length: approx. 7.1 in
At this stage: The intestines begin to accumulate the products of metabolism, that is, the first pooh.

To understand the rate of fetal development, we must realize that since the end of the third month of pregnancy, the child doubled in size and his weight is four times bigger. When straightened out he is about 20 cm long. Brain is developing at a dizzying pace. New neural connections are formed all the time and they are like railways connecting the central station (i.e. brain) with the peripheral stations (i.e. the most remote body regions). Thousands of neurons form millions of connections. In two weeks you can mark off the halfway point.

Your notes

Hi there… Its been long time since my last post.. Yes!! I’ m expecting my 4th baby.  After 7 year I got pregnant again. I’ve to open book again. Need more info about pregnacy. Wish me luck.☺☺☺


Pesan Tun Hasmah..

16 May

Its my dream to meet both Tun’s. Lucky you Dr Halina. ☺


I was so lucky last night.. accompanied my husband to attend a dinner celebrating teachers in PWTC. (It’s Teachers Day today, peeps!!) And guess who was the guess of honour?? *wink*
Our beloved Tun Siti Hasmah!!
She was at the table in front of ours.. and I was already fidgety when I saw her.. then my husband asked me the most awaited question…
“You nak ambik selfie dgn Tun tak?”
Hehehe… “Yes, yes, yessss!!”
So, he introduced me to Tun Hasmah.. and I smiled like “kepah”. Hahaha..
We had a quick chat.. Tun Hasmah pesan..
“Jaga anak-anak, don’t miss the chance of seeing them grow. They grow up very fast”
Haaa… Ingat tu mommies. Tun Hasmah pesan macam tuh…
Owh, one more thing.. 
How can I miss this?
*pls ignore the guy who photobombed our selfie, ish!!*

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